50 Years of Marriage

This Saturday at the 5:15 PM Mass at St. Mary’s our Deacon George Chiu, and his wife, Nancy, will renew their wedding vows as they prepare to celebrate their 50th anniversary with their family. Come be part of their special moment!

In recognition of all of our golden year couples, we’d like to share some thoughts on marriage from Deacon George and from another couple, The Rosses, who have also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year.

Deacon George shared the following:

“I used to teach Pre-Cana classes.  I shared with them my formulae of long-lasting marriages.  The first and foremost important thing was having invited God into our family.  Without that, my marriage would have ended a long time ago.

There are three common conflicts in families:
(1) In-laws: Both my wife and I were brought up with the oriental culture of respecting the elderly, so this was not a big problem.
(2) How to educate our children:  Again my wife and I have similar views, we are compatible.
(3) Money:  On our wedding night, my wife told me, “Honey, your money is my money.”  I replied, “Sure, and your money is also my money, right?”  She said, “Wrong, my money is still my money.”  For then on, I have an allowance of 20 dollars replenished weekly.  All these years, I never felt in need of more (except on business trips where I can have more).  A side benefit is that my wife completely trusts me to be faithful.
I am not implying that my words are suitable for every family.  But we have to face these conflicts, and we must have the humility to accept God’s will in case of conflicts.” 

From the Rosses, I received Russell and Linda’s Recipe for a Happy Marriage – they used SOULMATES as an acronym and passed along a really helpful set of tips for preserving your marriage. Please enjoy their wisdom via the media link below and beneath the wedding bands are the certificates signed by His Eminence, Cardinal Dolan. Congratulations to our 3 Golden anniversary couples:  The Chius, the Marcantonios, and the Rosses.

A Recipe from Rosses – A Lasting Marriage

As this enriching visit with this winsome couple ended, Linda and Russ added, “Pizza and ice cream help.”

“Yes … We’ve eaten a lot of pizza!”

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