A special thank you!

We had a very successful, SOLD OUT First Annual Oktoberfest and it happened because there was such a great outpouring of support from local businesses and the community here! Below is a copy of the sponsors sign that was printed; and we also had a last minute donation for the raffle which made the gas cards and car wash prize so special! Many thanks to Russell Speeder’s Car Wash for the very generous car wash and detailing gift card valued at $750!!!! Please click the link and visit them… and be sure to say thank you!

We also received donations from Shop Rite and the St. Mary’s Women’s Scripture Study Group.

Most of all, we’re glad our Parish came out and supported it – we saw a lot of happy faces and are looking forward to another big fest next year! If you have pictures feel free to come by the parish office and share files, or send it to [email protected] and we’ll add a photo gallery below the sponsors’ list.

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